Book Editions
  Book-Edition Gormley
Ed. Kunsthaus Bregenz
Graphic design: Neil Holt
Slip case:
Embossed linen, contains the two catalogue books
"Antony Gormley" and "Horizon Field"
With essays by Antonio Damasio, Yilmaz Dziewior,
Eckhard Schneider, Martin Seel,
Marcus Steinweg und Beat Wyss
Price: € 180
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  Book edition Lothar Baumgarten
CD Set 7 audio CDs
Supplementary booklet: 16 pages
approx. 14.5 x 13 cm,
16 illustrations signed and numbered print
Price: € 240
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  Paul Renner - Book edition Theatrum Anatomicum
Book edition of the artist's book "Theatrum Anatomicum"
Ed. by Paul Renner and Kunsthaus Bregenz
Graphic design: Martina Goldner, mgth Grafik Design
Essays by Kurt Bracharz, Mike Jay, Gerald Matt, Paul Renner,
Medlar Lucan & Durian Gray and the original texts and
menue cards of "Theatrum Anatomicum“
168 pages, 220 color illustrations, hardcover with dust jacket,
22,8 x 28,6 cm numbered and signed, with a cover cast in wax and sealing wax
Edition: 75 copies
Price: € 150
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  “Re-Object” and “Mythos” Limited Book Edition “
The “Re-Object“ and “Mythos“ book edition is published in
a limited and numbered edition of 170.
Ed. by Eckhard Schneider
Design: Hans Werner Holzwarth
Slip cover: approx. 22.5 x 30.5 x 4.5 cm
Embossed linen, containing two exhibition
catalogues „Re-Object“ and „Mythos“
Price: € 280.00
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  Jean-Marc Bustamante
Book edition
Book object consisting of catalogue book
and acrylic slipcase
25,5 x 32,3 cm
Limited and signed circulation
of 150 pieces<
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  Gottfried Bechtold – Signatur 02
German / English
Ed. by Eckhard Schneider
Texts by Thomas Zaunschirm and Eckhard Schneider
Graphic design: Atelier Gassner, Marcel Bachmann
96 pages, 19 x 25 cm
125 color and b/w images
Price: € 29.80
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  Anish Kapoor
My Red Homeland

Signed book jacket with red vaseline
German/English, 206 pages
164 illustrations, 24,5 x 30cm
Limited edition of 90
Edited by Eckhard Schneider on occasion
of the exhibition from 27.09.-16.11.2003..
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