KUB Café Opening Hours

September to June:
Tuesday to Sunday

9 am – midnight

July and August:
Monday to Sunday

9 am – midnight




Since the beginning of 2016, Rainer Troy is reinvigorating and revitalizing the KUB Café with a young kitchen team of Wolfgang Mach and Florian Isenberg as well as service manager Theresia Obermann (formerly at Freigeist in Lustenau) implementing the new urban cuisine and bar concept. Peter Zumthor’s striking architecture immediately next to Kunsthaus Bregenz on Karl-Tizian-Platz makes the KUB Café a unique location in the center of Bregenz.
A distinctive feature of the new KUB Café – in addition to the modern menu, selected cocktails, wines, and the pleasant atmosphere with a carefully chosen selection of music – is the “shared table” at lunchtime. This provides hungry guests, from 12 to 1 pm and again from 1 to 2 pm, with the opportunity of enjoying a unique communal dining experience at the large table especially designed by Peter Zumthor.
In spring 2013 the interior area of the café that had previously been used as a museum shop was completely redesigned following plans by Peter Zumthor. The furniture and bar counter were constructed by the Bereuter carpentry workshop based in Bregenz Forest, whilst the red leather chairs designed by Peter Zumthor were hand-finished by the Mohr upholstery workshop in Andelsbuch. The lamp by designer Madlaina Lys and the silk curtains by Koho Mori-Newton perfectly complete the exclusive and elegant atmosphere of a space furnished with designer pieces.

KUB Café
T +43 5574 4711511

KUB Café
Karl-Tizian-Platz I 6900 Bregenz I Austria
05574 4711511


1KUB Café’s new core team
Ilona, Florian,
Rainer, Willi, David und Nina
(von links nach rechts). © Troy
2 © Kunsthaus Bregenz/
Markus Tretter



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