KUB Billboards
Maja Čule
05 | 08 — 31 | 10 | 2016

Invitation booklet

Maja Čule
KUB Billboards, 2016
Photos: Markus Tretter
© Maja Čule/
Kunsthaus Bregenz

KUB Billboards Edition
Maja Čule,
KUB Brushstrokes, 2016
downloadable brush presets
for use in Adobe Photoshop

New York based artist Maja Čule unpacks narratives around the Web and digital technology. Her films, photography, drawings and installations target topics such as the inherent sexism of gendered imagery, products or notions of »heroic exhaustion« of todays Do What You Love culture — an ideology assuming professional identity as the only one left, and work the only way to experience time. In her film Horizon (2013), for example, a model dangles off the edges of the Trump Building in New York in infinite loop. Beyond being a reconstruction of a classical film trope it is the precarity in physical and economic performance which is at foreground. Laughing Alone with Salad (2013), on the other hand, is a series produced for DIS Magazine based on stock photographs. According to stock photography, women laugh while shopping, eating salad and exercising. As a meme that identifies this code, the series deconstructs false representations of happiness, health, gender and pleasure.



For the KUB Billboards, Čule will continue to investigate those paths with series of images based on a selection of over 600 reproductions of notebooks from art or stationary supply stores she collected throughout her travels. The images show pages of notepads for testing different marks, brushes, colors and textures, and as such they were previously scribbled, tested, borrowed, stolen, edited, tagged, filtered and shared. For the Billboards these marks are not only edited and categorized, but additionally offered as free digital brushes.

Curated by Eva Birkenstock

    4. August 2016, 7 p.m
Opening with screening
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